The Best of HJ Wood: T.L.37 Daisies

H.J. Wood T.L.37 Daisies Lamp Base Charlotte RheadJust a quick blog post here to put on record my love for one particular pattern – T.L.37 Daisies, produced for HJ Wood in the mid 1940s. Charlotte designed it towards the end of her career (and life), a time when some have suggested she was losing her ‘inventive spark’ and ability to come up with fresh ideas. Well, I think this pattern is an exception. Whilst some of her trademark motifs are there – e.g. the pattern borders and leaf design – the use of daisies is new. There were plenty of other stylised flowers on her Crown Ducal & Burleighware patterns, (roses, peonies, hydrangeas etc.), whilst tulips and poppies were widely used in her early career at Bursley Ltd; but, unless I’m mistaken, this is the first out and out daisy pattern.

Charlotte’s work during her second stint at Woods is often overlooked by collectors; perhaps because there were relatively few patterns when compared to her time at the other factories, but mainly (in my opinion) because it doesn’t always grab one’s attention – again, when compared to her earlier work. You can understand where the view came from that she had run of ideas when you look at T.L.3 Trellis for example, but if you take a fresh look at some of these later designs, I think they stand up there with her strongest output. The examples shown below are winners in my book……

The best of them all though has to be T.L.37. It isn’t overly complicated but has plenty of colour and style. Every home should have one!


Any thoughts? Your views are welcome!