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There are several other resources for further reading or reference – the following list is not definitive but will hopefully get you started!



Those of you familiar with buying Charlotte Rhead items will probably know of the recognised ‘bible’ of the field, written by Bernard Bumpus. It is the only book ever written solely about the Rheads’ work – other books may contain brief information – and it therefore has to be considered as the definitive authority on the subject. Two editions were published; the first in 1987 (Charlotte Rhead – Potter & Designer, Kevin Francis Publishing) and the second, more comprehensive version in 1999 (Collecting Rhead Pottery, Francis Joseph Publications). I have used these extensively as reference points throughout the site and would recommend anyone interested in Rhead items to own a copy of the book themselves. Both editions are now out of print, but can be found relatively easily on well known websites! Hopefully this site will prove a useful companion to the book and act as an ongoing reference point for interested parties.

The following is also a useful guide: Crown Ducal Snow Glaze Tableware and Decorative Pottery, by Ian Newton, 2012 (ISBN: 0957146507)

Online Biographies:

Charlotte Rhead     Frederick Alfred Rhead    George Woolliscroft Rhead Sr

Louis Rhead     Frederick Hurten Rhead



Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

Wileman & Co. / Foley

Staffordshire Potteries – Stoke on Trent