When identifying historical pottery patterns and backstamps, it is often a difficult science to be precise about what pattern was produced when and by whom, and this certainly applies to much of the Rhead family output. They were very prolific and sometimes co-designed patterns with others. Additionally, there often seems to be no logic to the numbering of patterns, with large chunks of numbers either missing or re-used with variations to design. Since most record books haven’t survived, we have to rely on the painstaking research carried out by Bernard Bumpus.IMG_1615

The pattern information in these pages has been drawn largely from the Bumpus book Collecting Rhead Pottery. I’ve included a link for the patterns that I have a picture of, and will add more as time goes on.

If you have any pictures of patterns that you’d like to submit for inclusion on the Gallery page, I’d be very happy to receive them! Contact me here and I’ll pass on the details for emailing them through.