Pottery backstamps notoriously are a minefield! That said, they are the most useful way of identifying a piece, often providing an accurate time-frame of when it was produced and by whom. The troublesome issues tend to crop up when designs were produced for a number of years, so items can be found with identical patterns but different backstamps – leading to debate around when the design was actually first implemented.

As far as Rhead pottery goes, namely the work of Charlotte & her father, there is still confusion about a number of backstamps and when they were introduced (or replaced), since details were not recorded at the time with any clarity. To add further difficulty, much of their early work did not carry their names, so it is still not clear who produced what designs in some cases. All we can go on is their artistic style and methods of production.

The Bernard Bumpus book provides details of all the marks, however there is still room for debate about the date accuracy for some of them, so nothing is definitive. For the purposes of this page, I have displayed the images in what is believed to be the chronological order, but please bear in mind the above.

I have included images from my own items, but would welcome any photographic additions if you have pieces in your collection that are not shown here. Similarly, If you have any information or different opinions on what follows, please get in touch!

Wood & Sons / Bursley Ltd Examples


Burgess & Leigh (Burleigh Ware) Examples

A.G. Richardson / Crown Ducal Ware Examples

H.J. Wood Ltd (Bursley Ware) Examples

Miscellaneous Examples