HJ Wood Ltd – Bursleyware

SAM_0327Charlotte joined HJ Wood Ltd. (Bursleyware) in around 1941-  it was a company that had been part of Wood & Sons, who she had worked for until the late 1920s. There is occasional confusion with her work for these companies, as the ‘Bursley Ware’ name was used for both, and you sometimes see pieces from the later period incorrectly identified as being from her first stint at Woods. The key is the different backstamp design, with the fact that the ‘Charlotte Rhead’ facsimile signature only appears on the later HJ Wood designs. See the Backstamps page for illustrations.

Pattern numbers for Charlotte’s designs were preceded by ‘TL’, standing for ‘Tube Lined’, which differentiated them from the other lines produced by HJ Wood Ltd. There are gaps in the numerical system – whether those missing were for non-commercially produced designs, or just not used is unclear from the records left.

Pattern number:

  • T.L.1 – Zigzag bands of thin spiky leaves, lustred in orange, green and brown, with a mottled brown glaze. It appears very similar to Charlotte’s Crown Ducal pattern 2682
  • T.L.2 – Sprays of three green leaves between sprays of three heart-shaped yellow and orange leaves. Mottled white glaze. Alternative colourways exist.
  • T.L.3 Trellis – A trellis framed design with stylised open flower heads, lustred in yellow & orange with green chequered centres. Mottled brown glaze. Colour variations exist, such as ones with pink & mauve lustred flower heads and versions with green edges and different coloured flower centres.
  • T.L.4 Arabesque – Hydrangeas in blue, red & mauve with brown leaves, some falling. Stylistically similar to Crown Ducal patterns 3797 Hydrangea and 4921 Golden Leaves.
  • T.L.5 –  Orange & yellow lustred fruits, possibly pomegranates, with sylised blue & pink flower heads and small round seeds. Similar to Crown Ducal pattern 3321 Granada.
  • T.L.8 – Gold polka dots on an ivory ground. Also found in other colours.
  • T.L.10 – Stylised design of exotic fruit & flowers, enamelled in violet & blue on a mottle grey glaze. Only one example known of, so perhaps not commercially produced.
  • T.L.12 – Bands of scrolling foliage, tube-lined in solid blue, alternating with similarly coloured heart-shaped & circular devices with chequered centres.
  • T.L.14 – Multi-coloured plants with tulips & stylised flower heads on a cream ground.
  • T.L.18 – Stylised fish with leaf-shaped fins and tail on a chequered body and enamelled in pale green. Not thought to have been commercially produced.
  • T.L.19 – Similar to T.L.18, but enamelled in pink. Not thought to have been commercially produced.
  • T.L.20 – Similar to T.L.18, but enamelled in green. Not thought to have been commercially produced.
  • T.L.26 – Tube-lined stylised leaves in blue & pink, with yellow flowers and coloured ‘comma’ shaped swirls as decoration. Green border. (Not recorded by Bernard Bumpus).
  • T.L.27 – Yellow & green chrysanthemums, tubed in black on a jade green ground.
  • T.L.28 – Similar to T.L.27, but on a pink ground.
  • T.L.29 – Similar to T.L.27, but with pink flowers on a green ground.
  • T.L.30 – Similar to T.L.27, but with pink/purple flowers on a yellow ground.
  • T.L.31 – Rustic panels enclosing stylised star shapes surrounded by circular fruits on a pink mottled ground, alternating with spirals on a mottled white ground. Enamelled in grey & pink or orange & yellow.
  • T.L.32 – Similar to T.L.31, but enamelled in light green & grey.
  • T.L.33 – Similar to T.L.31, but enamelled in green & grey.
  • T.L.37 Daisy – Open daisies tubed in brown and enamelled in various colours – a number of colour variations are known.
  • T.L.38 – Similar to T.L.5, but enamelled in brighter colours and with leaves in two shades of green.
  • T.L.40 – Stylised carnations & leaves tubed in solid blue with gold embellishments on a mottled grey glaze. Also found tubed in light blue or black. Further versions have letters added to the TL number, including ‘T’, ‘P’, ‘C’ & ‘M’, all with varying colours.
  • T.L.41 – Stylised poppy seed-heads with chequered centres in red & black and spiky blue leaves.
  • T.L.42 – Apples, pears & grapes on leafy stems.
  • T.L.43 Wind Tossed Peonies – Peony flowers & leaves outlined in blue against a background of fruits in blue or purple. Mottled grey glaze.
  • T.L.51 – Stylised flowers and leaves enamelled in several colours, on a mottled green ground.
  • T.L.53 – Comma shaped forms tubed in brown on a pink ground.
  • T.L.57 – A previously unrecorded pattern of tube-lined grapes in purple & blue, and vine leaves on a brown ground.
  • T.L.60 – A band of painted black spirals between smaller bands of black ‘S’ shapes. On a dark brown ground.
  • T.L.61 – similar to T.L.60, but with a light brown ground.
  • T.L.63 – similar to T.L.60, but with a green ground.
  • T.L.65 Blue Dragon – A dragon amongst cloud scrolls and other Chinese forms. Similar in design to the Crown Ducal 4511 Manchu pattern. Other versions exist with pink and grey/green dragons.
  • T.L.68 – A variation of T.L.43
  • T.L.69 – Similar to T.L.65, but with a brown sgraffito border (designed by Eddie Sambrook).
  • T.L.71 – Similar to T.L.60, but with a printed design.
  • T.L.72 – Similar to T.L.61, but with a printed design.
  • T.L.74 – Similar to T.L.63, but with a printed design.
  • T.L.75 – A design of grapes, pomegranates & flowers.
  • T.L.76 Wind Tossed Tulips – Tulips enamelled and lustred in pink & violet with spiky green leaves and stylised prunus blossom between bands of geometric patterned devices. Mottled grey glaze. Unpainted examples also exist.
  • T.L.82 Woodland – A running band of narrow stylised leaves, punctuated by dots & tubed in white on a green body. Assorted colour variations exist, carrying capital letter initials after T.L.82.
  • T.L.85 – Similar to T.L.65, but with the dragon tubed in white and with a crimson glaze.

The following patterns are also attributed to Charlotte, but are likely to have been produced after her death in 1947.

  • T.L.97 – Similar to T.L.2, but with leaves in lighter green and a mottled grey glaze.
  • T.L.99 – Similar to T.L.40, but tubed in black or grey and with no gold embellishment.
  • T.L.99G – As for T.L.99, but finished in liquid gold.
  • T.L.100 – Similar to T.L.40, but with only the outline tubed in black and with no gold embellishment.
  • T.L.100A – As for T.L.100, but finished in liquid gold.
  • T.L.101 – Similar to T.L.8, but with a red polka dot decoration.
  • T.L.114 – Similar to T.L.1, but with bright colours and a high gloss glaze.

Some more images of the above patterns can be viewed here